Find Your New Place In the Workforce of Life

Do YOU resonate with any of the following crossroads?

If you said YES to any of these, we are you take the next step!

Find Your New Place In the Workforce of Life

Do YOU resonate with any of the following crossroads?

Are you a high school student who wants to
answer the call and join a service academy?

If you said YES to any of these, we are you take the next step!

We constantly strive to change family trees and entire communities through military service.There are a decent number of minorities who are currently part of the armed forces, but the overall representation at the top of the chain of command is quite scarce. Many minorities within our community have the requisite talents and capabilities needed to become future military leaders without the necessary opportunities that put them in the position to display these talents.This is clearly shown by the major socio-economic gaps that exists in our current society.

Our professional team works with the service academies, scholarship programs, professional development organizations and companies who will ultimately make your talents known!

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If you’re ready to join an honorable service that can give you financial security, you will truly start to live by the law below:

5th Law of the Navy

“On the strength of one link of the cable Dependeth the might of the chain. Who knows when thou mayest be tested? So live that thou bearest the strain!”

Educational Services Coaching

  • Together we will create an admissions plan that will help you prepare for the successful execution of the extensive admissions process
  • Complete one-on-one coaching sessions with a member of our professional team to fully understand your qualifications and what leadership potential you have for service
  • Develop your skills and portfolio to make you an extremely qualified candidate
  • Form a personal connection so you’re comfortable contacting us whenever you need help

Transition Assistance

  • Participate in training courses that will foster a smooth transition into civilian life
  • Create a personalized counseling experience to understand your post-transition goals
  • Develop a pre-separation portfolio of all entitlements and benefits you are eligible for

Career Placement

  • Gather all intel to fully understand the skillset you could bring to any civilian business
  • Evaluate your personal goals to see where you will be a cultural fit
  • Assist you in grasping the requirements of your civilian job so you will be successful


Without an unanimously agreed upon ethical basis for our work, we wouldn’t be able to support our clients with the professional decisions that could change their life forever. We don’t take this responsibility lightly when you’re willing to place your life in our hands. Our organization was founded on the significant core values below:

Customer Service

Dedicated Passion

Unwavering Integrity

Community Connection

Personal Growth

Undeniable Commitment


Link in the Chain Consulting LLC was originally created as a consulting firm with a very direct purpose. Our mission is to change the rhetoric when it comes to the ongoing issue of underrepresentation of minorities currently signing up to attend service academies or applying for ROTC scholarships. We don’t want to allow any stones to go unturned when it comes to the entire future of someone’s professional career. Maybe you would’ve answered the call if you thought you had what it takes.



Now is your time to take action and take control of your life. You’re ready for the next step in your professional career and we’re here to help you make the best choice for YOU!


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